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12/5/2018 - I get asked this question a lot, and it’s really a tough one to answer, because I’ve had people walk out/boycott a concert because they googled JohnMoss and found it listed on amazon under “christian” or heard the word God mentioned in a song on the album. And there are a lot of connotations that come with “christian music” as opposed to secular music. So the easy answer from my side is yes, I am a christian that makes music and if you define christian music as music that talks about faith and uses christian-y words sometimes, then yes, I would technically be making “christian music.”

But here’s my approach to this. Faith, in my music, mirrors my believe of faith in life: It presents specifically at times, but it’s present in everything. My songs are written about love, relationships, difficulty, hurts, not thinking you had a chance with your wife and then she said she’d go out with you, etc.

I have a song on the upcoming album called “state that I was in” which talks about the struggles of living in alignment with my faith; that sometimes I feel like I’m doing well and other times I feel like I’m sucking. For me, these stories come as I’m living daily life and are not to proselytize, but to offer a view of a graceful God that I get to know. - AH

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