You have been seriously invited to the JohnMoss top ten-ish page for superfans like you. Why do I say 10-ish? Well because we’re gonna start at ten and see what happens because of you!


I got the privilege to have one of my closest long time friend visit for work awhile ago and we got into a great discussion of our past dreams of “making it.” And it was funny because we couldn’t really define what making it looked like, we just knew that we wanted to. Whether that was getting a big record deal at the time (because those still existed for the small local bands hoping), or wanted to build a fan base, sell some merch, or have an ego boost (oops, said that out loud!). But we came to the conclusion that the greatest part was actually just making music, hanging out, and most often not even doing things about music. It was community and friendship - fancy that.

Some other wise sages in my world asked me a great question that I really hated for awhile but came to love: “What are you trying to do here with your music?” I came to love it because it really spoke to my underlying hopes of the aforementioned ideals - that maybe somewhere, somehow this could be huge'; again missing the point of it all.

Guys. This has been a freeing conclusion. I don’t have to do anything with it! Writing, playing, community is enough. Pretty cool.

Here’s how it’s showing up in the process:

  • I am more free to write candidly and not have the perfect words/rhyme schemes.

  • I can put whatever I want musically in there, because who cares (i.e. nobody has harmonized guitar solos in songs, but i’ve got at least 2 on the new album haha!

  • And there’s no pressure on numbers or producing or followers, because that’s not what it’s about.

Hopefully this is as freeing to you listening as it is to me writing!


Andrew HannigComment