You have been seriously invited to the JohnMoss top ten-ish page for superfans like you. Why do I say 10-ish? Well because we’re gonna start at ten and see what happens because of you!


Start the album with a bang? Slow ballad build? Start with an Intro, end with an outro (that’s not even a word)?

Maybe this goes back to the full album vs EP debate (if that even is a debate) but I love albums where songs flow into each other or have jsut the right amount of space to let you recover before the next songs.

The Death of Me has been a tough one to figure out order for as right now we got about 3 ballads (Death of Me, Young Man, Amazed by You), 5 driving-beat filled songs (All of You, Couldn’t Change my Skin, State That I Was In, Deadly Theatre, and It’s Not Me - It’s Definitely You), and the rest are somewhere in the middle.

I’m leaning this way currently: Start exciting with something unexpected: Couldn’t Change My Skin. It’s a love song, doesn’t sond fully like me but still does. Somewhere between the Wombats and Muse, with a orchestra break down? That should throw it off its kilter and create some interest right?

I’ll post a clip of the rough track soon. Stay Tuned!

Andrew HannigComment