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One of the great parts of getting older (I know I’m not old), is that something fade out as a part of aging. For example playing church battle of the bands, cool venues in Denver, local open mics are phasing out of my world and phasing into the world of younger cooler folks. But that’s not a bad thing. For awhile I thought it was a bad thing; at least annoying not to hear back from venues and "new “opportunities”. But really what it was, was me looking for something: performance and approval (OUCH). Anyone in the music business who can’t admit that… I wasn’t even in the music business and I couldn’t admit that. And even if it wasn’t approval, it was attention.

But again, refocusing on what I wanted to do has put me in a place where I can play house concerts or local coffee shops and focus on what I really loved about music. Enjoyment! What a concept haha. A wise sage in my life suggested that and it was foreign to me for a long time: “But i can’t just do that for enjoyment?” Well, folks YOU CAN and DO IT. It doesn’t have to be something, it already is something to you.

Words from the wise and me,


Andrew HannigComment