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In preparation for an upcoming coffee house at Stella’s Coffee Haus here in Denver - I’m reminded that being a singer is precious and special thing. I thing I can sing on key, but I like to refer to myself as a tonal noisemaker. Singing, to me is not my strong suit, but I love what that means in the recording and performing arena: It’s an area I can work on. So where as things like runs and other vocal skills don’t belong to me, just staying in my lane and trying to grow in my lane are things that belong to me. I love harmonizing - I tell Alyssa sometime, that I wish I could play in a group where I could just play guitar and sing background vocal - that’d be a happy space. Maybe that’s my future goal right! Anyway for all you singers out there, God bless you and thank for your beautiful vocal chords. For the rest of you like me, tonal noisemakers or the tonally challenged (some of my favorite singers are tonally challenged but they sure as hell mean it when they sing!), I’ll be rihgt next to you, adding to the rest of the choir!


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