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So as some of you may know, Grant, Skyler and I re-released, well not re-released, but found hundreds of copies of CentralSide’s Priorities in my dad’s guest room or attic or somewhere and placed them on the interwebs. And I gotta be honest - it brought up some weird feelings for me.

Nostalgia and great memories, but also some parts about who I am that weren’t my favorite, like attention seeking stuff (not in the traditional since, but indirectly which to me is more dangerous, because I don’t always realize why i’m doing it until i get there and then I’m like “what the hell am I doing?") and really just self absorption or preoccupation with what i’m doing. It tables the actual things I value in my world. It wasn’t relational, it was transactional and addictive. So here’s the deal:

Music will be changing for me. No promotion, no indirect promotion. My music will be available to those that seek it, but you won’t find me seeking you to find it. Too much of music these days is about the self and “what I have created”, and that misses the point for me. I want to engage in creation, writing, and the kind of sharing that isn’t driven by hidden motives. I haven’t made full sense of what this will look like for me fully yet, but I can say that through the feedback from a few folks that deeply care about me (thank you, you know who you are) and process of THE DEATH OF ME (an album about this very thing!) has been convicting.

More to Come,


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